Since 2013 the Park Board, COV, HUB, KPRA and others have been working toward agreement on a safe bike route through Kits Point to connect AAA (All Ages & Abilities) cyclists to the Seaside Greenway. Seventh year lucky?

The COV VanMap above shows the currently designated bike lanes in and around Kits Point as of June 2020. The Seaside Bikeway in Vanier Park connects to the narrow, multi-use, shared pathway in Hadden Park and Kits Beach Park, past the Boathouse Restaurant to the pathway along Cornwall at the Yew intersection. Note that despite the congestion and the fact that pedestrians are not separated from active transportation users, the City designates this as a Protected Bike Lane.

A possible solution would be to create a Protected Bike Lane for active transportation on the peripheral streets in Kits Point, connecting the Seaside Greenway at Vanier Park and the Protected Bike Lane coming off the Burrard Bridge to te Seaside Greenway at Balsam.

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