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On Oct. 5, 2022 Kits Point Residents Association filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia a Petition challenging by way of judicial review the City of Vancouver decision, as passed by Mayor and Council, to approve the services agreement dated May 25, 2022 with Squamish Nation in respect of the Sen̓áḵw  real estate development*.

The basis of our Petition is that the City of Vancouver, in failing to consult and provide citizens with an opportunity to be heard, and in negotiating and approving the services agreement in secret, breached their duty of fairness to us as residents.  It also challenges the substance of the decision, including the position taken by the City that they had “no jurisdiction” to negotiate conditions in the services agreement, such as limitations on density or provision of park space, which would preserve the livability of the surrounding neighbourhoods and the City as a whole. It further asserts that the City’s agreement under the Services Agreement to enforce Squamish Nation Bylaws at the City’s own expense is unlawful and contrary to the Vancouver Charter.

There is a long way ahead and only you can make this happen. Your donations will assist us to move this case forward and continue in our mandate of acting on behalf of  Kits Point residents to protect and enhance the livability of Kits Point. Every donation counts.

Thank-you to the many KPRA residents who have donated to our legal fund and paid for the legal work to date. Those generous donations have made this happen. 

Since 1984 (with predecessor organizations going back to 1906) KPRA volunteers have been working on issues that affect our neighbourhood, engaging and informing the community with email UPdates, flyers and now a website—designed for free by resident volunteer Kerry Sully.

“I donated to the KPRA to ensure the continued work they do.  While this is a volunteer association, the work the KPRA has done to provide a sense of connected community, increase safety and find ways to enhance our neighbourhood is invaluable to all of the residents of Kits Point.  I am happy to support the ongoing engagement and efforts of the KPRA.  Thank you!”

A Kits Point Resident

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*KPRA welcomes and fully supports Squamish Nation’s right to constructively develop the Sen̓áḵw reserve, and has confirmed this consistently in writing to the Squamish Nation, past COV Mayor Stuart Kennedy, Councillors, City Manager and Parks Board and in person to the CEO of Squamish Nation development company.