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The Kits Point Residents’ Association (KPRA) represents 1,100 households, 60% rentals. Our small community north of Cornwall and east of Arbutus offers amenities that attract many visitors: three parks, numerous cultural institutions, multiple festivals and assorted sporting events. With the extraordinary increase in cyclists, pedestrians and park visitors arising from Covid-19, Kits Point is experiencing intense traffic pressure that has become a significant and serious safety concern. The proposed Sen̓áḵw development with plans to house in excess of 12,000 more residents on the east of Kits Point and the potential for huge developments at the former Molson’s and  Lululemon buildings will exacerbate the issue. We recognize now is the time to advance completion of the Kits Point section of the Seaside Greenway bike lanes in consultation with the City, Park Board and other stakeholders to integrate our pedestrian and cycling routes into Vancouver’s active transportation goals. A Master Plan for all traffic is urgently required to ensure residents, the public and the institutions can co-exist here with relative ease and mutual consideration. KPRA volunteers created this website to inform and engage. We welcome your interest and encourage your input into our Initiatives and projects.

Image is a 3D SketchUp Model of the Sen̓áḵw Development using dimensions from https://senakw.com/design imported into Google Earth Pro / Image © 2022 Maxar Technologies 

The hearing of the KPRA Petition seeking judicial review of the City of Vancouver decision to enter into the Senakw Services Agreement was heard over four days April 18 -21, 2023. The Judge reserved decision.

We have been advised by the Court that a decision in our Petition will be rendered by the end of September. 

Current Affairs

What’s New

Justice Forth has advised that her reasons for judgment in our Petition will be released by the end of September. A copy of the Memorandum issued by Justice Forth in this regard is linked here.

Vancouver City Hall withholds Senakw transportation documents

KPRA Petition Hearing Updates (Four day hearing):
Update for April 18, 2023
Update for April 19, 2023
Update for April 20, 2023
Update for April 21, 2023

Amended Petition Filed
On March 16, 2023, KPRA filed an Amended Petition in its application for judicial review of the COV decision to approve the Senakw Services Agreement.
The amendments respond to information obtained from COV staff reports that were presented to City Council and disclosed in connection with our action.

COV conducts information session and consultation on transportation changes at Kits Point responding to Senakw development
March 2, 2023 – recording of COV follow up session about Kits Point Transportation, available here
February 22, 2023 – recording of COV information session on transportation changes at Kits Point available here
Will Sen̓áḵw Traffic Plan for Kits Point Get an “F”?
Tell us what you think

Our KPRA Petition challenging the City of Vancouver decision approving the Senakw Services Agreement  has been recently in the news:
Freedom of Information? Activist Questions Redacted Traffic Study – Global News
Vancouver city hall withholds Senakw transportation planning documents – BIV
Transportation plan kept secret on Vancouver’s biggest housing project – Western Investor
Group says heating, cooling plant for Senakw development in Vancouver shouldn’t be approved just yet – BIV
Squamish Nation wanted Senakw services agreement kept secret, says in-camera city report – BIV
Squamish Nation unhappy Senakw energy system undergoing public hearing – BIV

Neighbourhood News

September 1, 2023 – COV Budget 2024 Surveytell the City what you think
September 1, 2023 – Understanding the COV UNDRIP Strategy
May 13, 2023 – Vancouver Noise Bylaw Review
March 14, 2023 – KPRA Petition Update
February 16, 2023 – COV information session on transportation changes at Kits Point 
February 7, 2023 – City of Vancouver Letter
January 28, 2023 – SENAKW Update

Kitsilano Greenway

A decision from Vancouver Parks Board is expected in April 2022. View the details at the provided link.
Shape Your City I Kitsilano Beach Park Seaside Greenway Improvements.


Kits Beach south parking lot June 2020

The gap in the Seaside Greenway through Kits Point has been the subject of negotiation for years. Possible solutions are proposed for you to consider in the five segments of the Kits Greenway.

Other Ideas

A place for posts other than those associated with the major projects currently being addressed

Sen̓áḵw Development

(Image permission: Revery Architecture and Nch’kay Development Corp)

In 6,000 units in eleven towers rising 32-to-56 storeys on 4.7 hectares, the Sen̓áḵw development on its ancestral land raises urban density to a new level. How do we reconcile the pressures it puts on the neighbourhood?


Three public parks. Major civic institutions. Numerous unconnected bike roads and paths. Two huge developments on our doorstep . What does a Kits Point traffic plan look like to you?

Senakw Transportation Changes

If the Senakw development proceeds as currently planned we can expect our traffic problems at Kits Point to get much worse, with queuing, circling and decreased safety.


Within COV Climate Emergency Action Plan, Big Move 2: Active Transportation and Transit are the most relevant to livability for Kits Point residents. We’re interested in your feedback.

Neighbourhood News

September 2, 2023

Understanding the COV UNDRIP Strategy

Did you know that the outgoing COV council endorsed a COV UNDRIP Strategy and directed COV staff to determine what...
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October 5, 2022

KPRA Files Petition in BC Supreme Court Today

We wish to advise our residents that Kits Point Residents Association has today filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia...
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September 4, 2022

SENAKW Updates

SENAKW IN THE NEWSThis August 25, 2022 Vancouver Sun article reports that David Eby called community concerns about Senakw NIMBY nonsense....
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