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The Kits Point Residents’ Association (KPRA) represents 1,100 households, 60% rentals. Our small community north of Cornwall and east of Arbutus offers amenities that attract many visitors: three parks, numerous cultural institutions, multiple festivals and assorted sporting events. With the extraordinary increase in cyclists, pedestrians and park visitors arising from Covid-19, Kits Point is experiencing intense traffic pressure that has become a significant and serious safety concern. The proposed Sen̓áḵw development with plans to house in excess of 12,000 more residents on the east of Kits Point and the potential for huge developments at the former Molson’s and  Lululemon buildings will exacerbate the issue. We recognize now is the time to advance completion of the Kits Point section of the Seaside Greenway bike lanes in consultation with the City, Park Board and other stakeholders to integrate our pedestrian and cycling routes into Vancouver’s active transportation goals. A Master Plan for all traffic is urgently required to ensure residents, the public and the institutions can co-exist here with relative ease and mutual consideration. KPRA volunteers created this website to inform and engage. We welcome your interest and encourage your input into our Initiatives and projects.


Kits Beach south parking lot June 2020

The gap in the Seaside Greenway through Kits Point has been the subject of negotiation for years. Possible solutions are proposed for you to consider in the five segments of the Kits Greenway.

Sen̓áḵw Development

(Image credit: Revery Architecture and Nch’kay Development Corp)

In 6,000 units in eleven towers rising 32-to-56 storeys on 4.7 hectares, the Sen̓áḵw development on its ancestral land raises urban density to a new level. How do we reconcile the pressures it puts on the neighbourhood?


Three public parks. Major civic institutions. Numerous unconnected bike roads and paths. Two huge developments on our doorstep . What does a Kits Point traffic plan look like to you?

Neighbourhood News

October 29, 2020

Renderings of the massive redevelopment of Vancouver’s Molson brewery

Additional details and renderings show the true breadth of the massive mixed-use redevelopment of the 7.6-acre industrial property, located at...
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September 12, 2020

Master plan moving ahead for waterfront parks in Vancouver’s West End

Despite making similar requests to the Mayor, Councillors and Park Board, the KPRA has received no response to discuss the...
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July 30, 2020

A fail-safe political safety net for Park Commissioner Coupar

"Kits Parking Lot Pinball Parade” is the phrase used for the current mashup of pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooters, roller-bladers and vehicles in this...
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