Kits Greenway—Chestnut North of Greer/Ogden


  • Need to connect cyclists from the Burrard Bridge to Seaside Greenway
  • The Chestnut/Ogden intersection is dangerous as tall evergreens make it a blind corner and vehicles leaving the Maritime Museum parking lot often run the stop sign
  • A bypass through a corner of Hadden Park isn’t feasible because the Hadden Park Deed and Covenant of September 22, 1928, specifies the property be kept in “as near as possible in its present state of nature”

Possible Solutions

  • Create a two-way road-level bike lane on the park side of the street on Chestnut and Ogden
  • Make Chestnut a one-way street with parking on the housing side
  • Buffer cyclists from traffic with a concrete median (if this is considered too expensive now, during budget constraint, start with green paint)
  • Recognize there’s very limited cross traffic along 775 metres of bike lane
    • No driveways or laneways
    • only one T and two X- intersections on park-side
  • Review the current status of Whyte, a narrow street with parking on both sides that’s currently signed as a “Seaside Bypass”
  • Have City engineering optimize one-way vehicle traffic on Chestnut and Ogden
  • Add a sign indicating “Cyclist Crossing” and paint a bike crossing on the street
  • Link the Chestnut/Ogden intersection to the existing Seaway with a path looped into Vanier Park