Kits Greenway—Cornwall/Chestnut to Greer


  • Current vehicle access from Cornwall to Chestnut is too dangerous
    • Cyclists coming off Burrard Bridge have momentum
    • There is no stop sign for cyclists
  • Vehicles crossing the bike lane must yield to cyclists but cyclists are most often in the motorist’s blind spot
  • Large vehicles towing boats are unsafe on a bike street
  • Cyclist/vehicle accidents have occurred

Possible Solutions

  • Revert to realignment proposed by the COV in 2013
    • No vehicle traffic between Cornwall and first laneway
    • Two-way road-level bike lane on the east side of Chestnut
  • Make Chestnut south of Greer one-way with no parking
  • Buffer cyclists from traffic with a concrete median leaving the two access gaps to 1450 Tower (if this is considered too expensive now, during budget constraint, start with green paint)