Cecilia Davis

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I have a film-industry background working as an assistant director and production assistant and in the locations department. I have prepped locations and made sure film crews respected the neighbourhoods and wildlife where they were filming. So I’m excited to have volunteered in this role in 2019, following in the footsteps of Janey Cruise, who led this effort for many years and worked with the City to develop Kits Point filming guidelines.

Kits Point Filming Guidelines      

The residents of Kits Point, and the Kits Point Residents Association, have been vigilant in their efforts to maintain the residential integrity of their neighbourhood.   With a major park, beach and recreation area and four very popular public facilities accessible only via their residential streets, this has not been an easy task.  Although the film industry is not unwelcome in Kits Point, the residents want to be sure the film production crews appreciate the added stress that film work imposes on an already busy area.

Approving location filming:
The City of Vancouver Film Office has responsibility for approving film work in any neighbourhood of the city.   Although location scouts may photograph homes and park space in Kits Point as potential film sites there is no approval granted until an application to film and a location work request have been received and reviewed by the City Film Office.  Information can be obtained on their web-site or by calling the Film Office at 604-873-7337.

Once the City Film Office gets the application they will ask that the Location Manager reads and adheres to the guidelines listed here. If there are unusual circumstances surrounding filming requirements, the Film Office will ask the Location Manager to contact a member of the Kits Point Residents Association for further discussion. Any questions or concerns that cannot be resolved by the Location Manager and Kits Point contact directly should be referred back to the Film Office coordinator assigned to the project, who will discuss the issues with the Location Manager and with the KPRA contact before making a final decision about the work request.

Standard Guidelines:
The City has established guidelines for filming that all productions agree to follow.  These stipulate film hours, a process for applying for an extension to regular hours, a process for notification to neighbours etc.   A copy of the City of Vancouver Film Guidelines is available from the Vancouver Film Office (604-873-7337) and can be found on our web-site at the link  Because of the nature of the film industry there are situations that necessitate a relaxation of the rules; however, for the most part they should be followed.

Guidelines Specific to Kits Point:
1. Filming during summer months is restricted by the increased activity in the neighbourhood.  Bard on the Beach, other Vanier Park events and general public use of the park amenities and the beach create tremendous pressure on parking and privacy for the residents.

2. Because this is a residential area, move ins/outs outside of curfew hours are very disruptive and therefore discouraged. Please encourage film vehicles to move within curfew.  Likewise, if a curfew extension has been approved, please ensure crew vehicles leave the area quietly and within the speed limit.

3. Please restrict idling vehicles to absolute minimum – this is not only a noise issue, but also an environmental concern.

4. Shuttling between the Planetarium parking lot and Maritime Museum creates a lot of unnecessary traffic for such a short distance.  A couple alternatives are walking over or using (golf) carts along the path that joins the two. Park Board staff approval is required for use of golf carts on park property.

5. If lights are needed for night filming, ensure the lights are flagged off so neighbouring houses aren’t impacted.

6. All contact information (office and cell phone numbers, email addresses) should be clearly stated on any correspondence to the neighbourhood regarding filming. This is especially true for filming late at night/early morning when residents would like a number to call if they have a concern instead of having to a) get out of bed, go to the set and look for the appropriate person or b) call the office only to get voicemail. A cell phone number for an ALM on-set is particularly important for late-night filming.


1. The preferred parking area for all film vehicles – circuses, work trucks, catering and crew vehicles is in the Park Board lot adjacent the boat launch or under the Burrard Bridge.   The Vancouver Academy of Music lot is also well hidden, minimizing residential disruption.  If parking must be in either the Museum/Planetarium lot or in the Maritime Museum lot please ensure that vehicles (particularly catering) and generator(s) are parked on the east side of the lot, as far as possible from the residential areas.  Arrangements for parking in these lots must be made directly with all the operators of those facilities.  Any noise associated with these vehicles (music, loud voices, etc.) should be kept to a minimum, especially during early morning hours and late at night.

2. On-street parking is restricted to essential work trucks. All circus and non-essential production vehicles and crew parking must be on private property or outside the neighbourhood.

3. If on-street parking is required for essential vehicles, the production company must identify and sign alternative temporary residential parking sites within the area. Remember, parking in Kits Point is severely restricted for residents so use of residential parking for filming is not desired.

Late Night Filming:
The standard film activity hours approved by Vancouver City Council are
Monday thru Thursday 7:00am till 11:00pm,
Friday from 7:00am till 12:00 midnight
Saturday from 8:00am till 12:00 midnight
Sunday from 8:00am till 11:00pm
There is to be no movement of unit or crew vehicles outside of these hours unless a majority of area residents directly impacted by the work agree to a curfew extension.  A request for an extension involves production staff distributing a letter outlining the proposed activity to affected residents, then returning to visit residents door-to-door to gather comments for or against the work.  An alternative is for the residents to phone the City’s Film Office to comment.  The Film Office staff will approve or disapprove the work, and a final letter will be distributed informing residents of the poll results, and describing the film activity in detail if it is approved.

1. All crew members should be aware of and follow the Code of Conduct Guidelines as established by the BC Film Commission. The main concerns for Kits Point residents are related to noise – so having all shuttle buses drive very slowly through our the neighbourhood and not just using Chestnut and Ogden as their main routes (Mix-up the shuttle routes), ensure crew and extras drive slowly and quietly in and out of the area, guarantee catering crews refrain from playing loud music or talking loudly early in the morning, and that generators are whisper quiet and the latest technology, well muffled and placed well away from residences.  If it is absolutely necessary to restrict residents walking or driving through the area please be courteous in asking them to wait while cameras are rolling.  A short explanation of the duration of the wait and why it is necessary is helpful in achieving a positive outcome.