Proposed RM-4 Zoning Change Affects a Portion of Kits Point

This survey notice has been extracted from an email received from the City of Vancouver on September 11, 2020.

The City is considering changes to streamline the development process for new non-profit housing in select apartment areas across the city. These changes are intended to help existing non-profit societies and co-ops renew existing buildings and build more housing over time, to ensure the city has enough safe, secure and affordable homes today and into the future.

These zoning changes for non-profit housing are being considered in RM-3A, RM-4, and RM-4N zoning districts throughout the city. Typically, these areas consist of three-storey condominium and rental apartment buildings. These zoning amendments would enable non-profit social and co-op housing up to six storeys.

These changes, if implemented, will affect Kits Point because the area north of Cornwall and south of the former CPR right-of-way is zoned RM-4.

Get involved

The COV wants your input on these proposals for non-profit social and co-op housing.

To learn more and to take the survey, please visit their website: The survey will be open until Sunday, September 27.

Also, please reference our earlier post City of Vancouver (COV) Secured Rental Policy that links to a survey that expires on October 4, 2020, providing for four-story residential buildings north of the CPR right-of-way but south of Creelman, between Arbutus and Cypress.

If you are a registered and logged-in as a Kits Point Resident, you may also wish to share your thoughts with our community through our Forum link below.

1 thought on “Proposed RM-4 Zoning Change Affects a Portion of Kits Point”

  1. Dear KPRA partners. I’m sorry to have missed the meeting with Councillor Hardwick. Interesting summary. I do not favour the proposed zoning changes south of Creelman and north of the old CPR eight of way. The Point is such a confined area, with little ingress and exits. More traffic, as there is already, as time passes, will effect the quality of life here. I support more social housing, but I don’t support it on Kits Point.

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