City of Vancouver (COV) Secured Rental Policy

As part of implementing the Secured Rental Policy for Low Density Transition Areas, the COV is developing new rental zones. These new rental zones have standard requirements for the type, size and shape of buildings. This will help to simplify and shorten the rezoning process and provide more certainty about what could be built. The new rental zones would only be used when an owner initiates a rezoning application, and each rezoning requires a Public Hearing and approval from Council to proceed. (COV July 2020)

Changes have recently been made to the proposed guidelines that render the extracted map as deficient. Previously, where these blocks were longer than 150 metres, they were excluded—the proposed change would include blocks longer than 150 metres.

The KPRA Executive Team (KET) requested clarification from the COV Secured Rental Policy team for a number of issues specific to Kits Point:

KET: “Under the new proposed guidelines, in Kits Point between Arbutus and Cypress, will the northern edge of the OFF arterial roads rezoning go to Creelman (perpendicular blocks longer than 150 metres); or mid-block as drawn in the revised base map; or follow the old CPR ROW, dividing the 1300’s from the 1400’s in a common block?”

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COV: “Under the proposed policy and new rental zones the entire first blocks adjacent to Cornwall meet the locational criteria, meaning RS or RT zoned lots to the north (which extend to Creelman) could be eligible for consideration. However, as all of the lots between Cornwall and the old CPR ROW have multi-family zoning (RM) currently, those lots would not be eligible for consideration for rezoning under this part of the Secured Rental Policy.

You are correct that this is a circumstance where perpendicular blocks longer than 150 m would be eligible because they are the first blocks adjacent to an arterial, as described on page 3 of the Draft Eligibility Map document.”

KET: “Along Cornwall between Maple and Cypress, current C-2B zoning extends 2 lots (66 feet) from Cornwall. Will the ON Arterial Road rezoning extend at least 3 lots (99 feet) from Cornwall?”

COV: “The existing C-2 zones don’t affect how the low-density options apply to these blocks. The RT lots could be eligible for the off-arterial options. However, as noted above, the RM-zoned lots would not be included.”

In summary, the lots currently zoned RT-9 east of Arbutus, south of Creelman, west of Cypress and north of the former CPR ROW are eligible for consideration for rezoning as OFF Arterial Roads: Residential Buildings • Rezoning to rental apartments or townhouses up to four storeys or three-storey multiplexes may be considered on blocks that are currently zoned for residential use (RS/RT).

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The COV has Comment Form that is open until October 4, 2020, for you to share your thoughts. Comments will be considered as the Secured Rental Policy team refines their recommendations and prepares a report for Council’s consideration in the fall.

If you are a registered and logged-in as a Kits Point Resident, you may also wish to share your thoughts with our community through our Forum link below.

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