Parking in Kits Point

There are 785 on-street parking spots in Kits Point, of which 23% are unrestricted, at least for the majority of the day. Issues arise as drivers circle the neighbourhood, looking for free parking. These parties are often employees of businesses and institutions working outside the Point. In addition, boaters parked near-shore have been leaving their vehicles on the street for extended periods.

Under the COV Street and Traffic By-Law No.2849, there are a few restrictions that residents and visitors should be aware of:

  • 17.6(f): non-residents shall not park on a street abutting premises used for residential or commercial purposes for more than three hours between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm
  • 17.7: Where a block or a portion of a block is subject to a parking regulation with a time limit, an owner, registered owner, lessee or operator of a vehicle must not cause, allow or permit that vehicle to move from one location to another in the same block in an attempt to avoid the time limit
  • 72A(2): A vehicle on a street which is parked for more than 14 days on a street other than the street recorded as the address of the registered owner is deemed to be left or abandoned

The annual residential parking permit for Kits Point is $37.58 with a limit of two per household.

The COV now has a GPS equipped car with cameras that read licence plates, so the two-hour parking restriction is being more effectively enforced.

There are six public parking lots north of Cornwall with a total of 845 spots. These parking lots are rarely full, with the exception of the two western lots on summer evenings and weekends.

MOV parking on a summer Sunday afternoon

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