KPRA Petition Update

Our KPRA Petition challenging the City of Vancouver decision approving the Senakw Services Agreement  has been recently in the news:

Squamish Nation wanted Senakw services agreement kept secret, says in-camera city report

Squamish Nation unhappy Senakw energy system undergoing public hearing

The first of these articles highlights some of the revelations contained in the in-camera staff reports that were obtained in connection with our legal action. 

Other revelations concern the Vanier Park access road

  • A confidential staff report prepared in September, 2020, which we received in the document disclosure, confirms that a road within the park “is required to make the project’s form of development viable”. 
  • The report further notes that the Park Board had, at an in-camera meeting in February 2020, already given approval in principle for the Squamish Nation to build the access road in Vanier Park to facilitate the Senakw development. 
  • In September 2022 we had learned from federal sources that the City and Park Board had jointly requested the road. 

All of this notwithstanding the fact that the City and Parks Board consistently publicly disclaimed any regulatory authority with respect to the access road.

As the work progresses we will report further on the implications of the document disclosure.