KPRA May 26 Meeting with COV–Van Plan Update

From: “Haid, Susan” 
Subject: Notes from Kits Point Residents Assoc. meeting on Van Plan Update and area initiatives
Date: September 10, 2021 
To: Gloria Sully <>
Cc: “Turecki, John” , “Gibbs, Amanda” 
Dear Gloria,
Please find attached meeting notes from the Vancouver Plan community meeting with Kits Point Residents Association (KPRA) May 26th.
We apologize for the delay as explained in previous updates.  Our interdepartmental team appreciated the opportunity to meet with KPRA and update on the Vancouver Plan as well as key initiatives in your area.  We have endeavoured to respond to questions as possible in the attached meeting notes.
We appreciate the KPRA’s desire to be kept informed of all developments concerning the Senakw development, and will continue to ensure that all available information is conveyed as appropriate.
Please note that Ben Pollard, key contact for the City on the Senakw project, who presented at the meeting, is currently away.  John Turecki, Senior Branch Head Engineering, Transportation Design is covering interim as contact.
Coming this fall are a series of city-wide and neighbourhood workshops on emerging directions for the Vancouver Plan.  Residents and businesses will receive an invitation by mail and details will be posted soon at
Thank-you for your ongoing engagement in planning in the Kits Point area.  We look forward to connecting this fall.
Best regards,
Susan Haid   (she / her)  MCIP, CSLA, RPP
Deputy Director of Planning – Long Range and Strategic Planning
Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability
City of Vancouver Ph: 604.871.6431  

Meeting Notes


Presentation to KPRA