Spring is here and Kits Point needs your help in keeping our streets litter free and looking spectacular.

It’s easy.

  • Select the block or area you’d like to adopt
  • Enrol as an individual or invite family members and/or neighbours to join you (Hey students—you can earn volunteer hours for graduation)
  • Collect small amounts of litter at least once a month for a year
  • Submit a post cleanup report

The City’s Adopt-a-Block program staff will even provide you with reusable gloves, garbage bags and litter pickers.

The 1900 block of Whyte Avenue is already taken by Darwin Piroshco. Darwin noticed the Adopt-a-Block program in the subject line of the city’s waste-collection reminder that he receives weekly on his cell phone.

“Over the years I have become aware of the large amount of garbage that accumulates along the streets in Kits Point,” says Darwin. “Cans, cups, COVID masks, etc. get flattened and ground in along the street gutters and tossed into perfectly cared for gardens. The city doesn’t do a full cleanup until fall. That filth bothers me because it diminishes the experience of walking in our otherwise exceptionally beautiful neighbourhood.

“Now the city has given us the tools to do something about this mess. I’m going to take on the task of keeping my block clean because I live here and I prefer walking along clean streets. We only need one volunteer for each block to maintain the beauty of our neighbourhood.”

Darwin Piroshco

For more information and to sign up, visit

The COV is maintaining the master list of Block adopters. Please let know if you have adopted a block and we will add it to the following unofficial list. Thanks!

1800 Greer – Bev & Patti

1800 (north) Creelman – Bev & Patti

2000 Creelman – Geoff & Sara

1900 Whyte – Darwin

2000 Whyte – Jo

1300/1400 Arbutus – Philip

1300 Chestnut – Bev & Patti

1300 (east) Cypress – Bev & Patti

1300/1400 Maple – Stefan

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