Peter Ladner: It’s high time to welcome cyclists in Kits Park

Opinion: How is it possible that an activity that is enthusiastically promoted in numerous city plans and streets is not seen as a priority inside our parks?

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Peter Ladner | April 10, 2021

Image by Kerry Sully of what Peter Ladner previously referred to as the “Kits Parking Lot Pinball Parade”

Letter to the Editor

(unfortunately, not printed by the Sun)

As a member of the Kits Point Residents’ Association (KPRA) Executive Team, we share Peter Ladner’s frustration in the failure of the COV and Park Board to complete the Kits portion of the Seaside Greenway and are pleased to see the issue brought forward.

However, as someone who advocates for kindness and calmness, he inappropriately maligns KPRA for the failure. In 2016, we participated in the workshops within the COV Engineering Department, supporting the Point Grey Road-Cornwall Avenue Corridor Project with the exception that vehicle ingress from Cornwall onto Chestnut be retained, which was agreed.

In 2017, the PB worked with a group of stakeholders on a revised Seaside Greenway plan that included KPRA, HUB and other parties including the park user groups. KPRA sent the following written confirmation to the PB, “From the neighbourhood perspective we agree that a safe cycle route between Vanier Park and Balsam St to close the gap in the seaside cycle route is important and we are committed to work towards achievement of such a route immediately.” 

On March 6, 2018, Park Board staff, based on their deliberations with the group, tabled a conceptual alignment of a new separated cycling path through Kitsilano Beach Park requesting: (1) approval to collaborate with COV Engineering to prepare detailed designs, and (2) to report back to the Park Board when public engagement was complete. After discussing the report from Staff but before hearing from any of the parties registered to speak, the Park Commissioners referred the report back to staff to provide more detailed information on the proposed concept. To date, staff have yet to report back to the Commissioners or the public.

Consistent with the COV and BC governments, as a community we have adopted Vision Zero Principles with one of our priorities being to Un-Gap the Seaside Greenway. True Vision Zero systems prioritize the safe passage of our most vulnerable populations, whether they are walking or using any number of light mobility devices from bicycles to wheelchairs. We have posted this on our website along with identifying the hazards on our streets as well as some possible solutions. Kits Point is not yet an All Ages and Abilities (AAA) neighbourhood, but we remain keen to engage with the COV and other parties to be a part of the solution.
Thank you,
Kerry Sully

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