Operating Procedures for KPRA Executive Team

Kits Point Residents’ Association (KPRA) is an unincorporated association representing Kits Point (KP) residents. It has been led by a management committee of self-appointed members for many decades. In 2019 the management committee met with a few interested residents to reinvigorate the organization and structure a better way to manage issues, conduct business and gain a broader involvement of residents. The broader-based management committee is now referred to as the KPRA Executive Team (KET).

KET’s purpose is to lead the KPRA’s advancement of appropriate responses to issues affecting the enjoyment and betterment of life in Kits Point and the city of Vancouver.

KET is to be comprised of nine members who must be residents who rent or own property in Kits Point. A quorum for a KET meeting is five. Team members can attend by phone or video conference. 

KET operates like a board of directors of a society. Decisions are made by consensus or resolutions voted on by KET members who attend executive meetings or by email among KET members who respond to an email resolution sent out by the chair within a specified time frame.

If a consensus is not evident or if there is significant dissonance, any KET member can call for a vote on a resolution at a meeting or by email request to the chair. An email request must be sent out by the chair for decision within 48 hours with a specified time frame to reply of no later than three days from the date of the email.

Failure to respond to an email vote within a specified time is considered a neutral vote. The email vote will decide the issue provided the resolution has at least five responses.

KP issues are managed by delegation from KET to Leads, individual members who head a committee. Leads can recruit committee members by approval from KET and decide what course of action to take to address and manage the issues delegated to them, but must take into consideration the views and strategic advice decided by KET, and where applicable, their committee members. At the request of any team member, KET can, if it considers it necessary, direct positions to be taken by a Lead or renounce a Lead’s mandate. Formal communication to outside parties on KP issues or articles on the KPRA website will be reviewed by at least two unrelated committee members of KET before being sent.

A KET year will begin on October 1. Commencing October 1, 2021, the two longest-standing members of KET/KPRA will automatically drop off/resign each year on the understanding that the remaining KET members will consult with those two members prior to the first meeting in October meeting to decide collaboratively whether either of them ought to continue and, if not, to propose another KPRA resident in their place.  Of course, any KET member can resign at any time. At the first October meeting KET will approve a revised Executive and Committee structure in the form of Exhibit “A.”

The only Chair of KET is a Chair of meetings who is elected annually and can ask any other member to chair in his/her absence. Minutes of meetings are taken by rotation alphabetically by the other KET members and approved by KET members responding to an email from the chair following a meeting. The approved minutes are then posted on the KPRA website for viewing by Kits Point residents. 

KET meets every two months at a set day and place. KPRA resident reporting/consulting meetings are held on a needs basis with interested KPRA residents. 

To change an Operating Procedure or form a different entity requires the consent/vote of two-thirds of the KET members at a KET meeting.

The majority of KPRA’s funds have come from film crews working in KP as few households paid the suggested $20 annual donation except when the neighbourhood was faced with a specific issue. The suggested donation will remain the same. To participate on a KPRA website forum, you must be a resident of Kits Point and eighteen years of age and over.

Exhibit “A”
to the Operating Procedures for KPRA Executive Team

For the administrative year ending October 1, 2021

  1. Members of KET are Gloria Sully, Kerry Sully, Lynne Kent, Scott Dunlop, Adam Smith, Eve Munro, Rebecca Fry and Kim Spencer-Nairn
  2. The Chair of KET is Gloria Sully
  3. The Committee leads and members are:
    • Seaside Greenway: Adam Smith (Lead), Kerry Sully and Lynne Kent
    • Senakw/Eastern Access: Scott Dunlop (Lead), with Eve Munro, Kerry Sully and Milt Sorokin
    • Traffic & Parking: Scott Dunlop and Kerry Sully (Co-leads), Kim Spender-Nairn and John Scott
    • Communications:  Gloria (Lead), with Joanne Dunlop (Forum Moderator) and Rebecca Fry
    • Member Donations: Jason John (Lead)
    • Cultural Institutions and Filming: Eve Munro (Lead), Kim Spencer-Nairn and Cecilia Davis (Filming)
    • Treasurer: Rebecca Fry