2 thoughts on “Kits Point Transportation Upgrades – Kits Point Bikeways”

  1. Just wondering how you got “400 cyclist go down Creelman Avenue during peak hours”. That is false. Thank you

  2. Appreciate your feed back and concern. In May 2021, many community members participated in a multi-modal traffic could at various intersections in Kits Point. It is summarized here https://kpra.ca/an-astonishing-traffic-problem-quantified/. The results are saved in an open-source database that anyone can review. https://counterpointapp.org/data/all-datasets-combined/. On May 22, a 15-minute count session 29115 recorded 112 cyclists, 101 pedestrians and 113 vehicles. Grossing those up to one hour yields 448 cyclists, 404 pedestrians and 452 vehicles.

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